Force Delete Zimbra User Account


I tried to delete an account in Zimbra CLI but got an ERROR: mail.MAINTENANCE (mailbox in maintenance mode: 85). Then try to delete using Admin Console, got another error Message: mailbox in maintenance mode: 85 Error code: mail.MAINTENANCE Method: DeleteAccountRequest Details:soap:Receiver. I can not do nothing to this account. I cant delete, edit, change password, view mail bla bla bla. I believed the account was corrupted. So how to delete it? The answer is we need to delete an account in LDAP using zmprov.

1. su – zimbra
2. zmprov -l da <>

…and recalcitrant account disappeared. Thanks god 🙂



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2 Responses to Force Delete Zimbra User Account

  1. mankish29 says:

    does this command also delete mailbox and mailstore related to that user account

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