Mount nfs in Solaris


Having NAS is an advantage to the server that having a limited storage capacity. NAS is very easy to install (mapping) in Windows environment. How about in Solaris? below are the steps how to configure/mount NAS in Solaris (tested in Solaris 9)

1. Log in as root
2. Type showmount -e NAS_IP_ADDRESS to check the availability of the NAS.
3. mkdir /LOCAL_FOLDER to create new path for nfs folder
3. mount -F nfs :/nfs/NAS_FOLDER/ /LOCAL_FOLDER


#showmount -e
export list for
/nfs *

#mkdir /dbtest
#mount -F nfs /dbtest

now you can go to /dbtest to check your NAS data. Or type df -h to check the mount partition.

To UN-MOUNT the NFS follow the step below;

1. umount /LOCAL_FOLDER or
2. umount -f /LOCAL_FOLDER to force unmount.


#umount /dbtest 
#umount -f /dbtest 


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