How to Install oVirt Guest Agent in Fedora/CentOS/RHEL


The oVirt Guest Agent provides information, notifications, and actions between the oVirt web interface and the guest. The agent provides the Machine Name, Operating System, IP Addresses, Installed Applications, Network and RAM usage and others details to the web interface.

The agent also provides Single Sign On so a authenticated user to the web interface does not need to authenticate again when connected to a VM.

First, install epel:
sudo yum -y install epel-release

Install oVirt Guest Tools using yum:
sudo yum install ovirt-guest-agent-common

Enter the following command to start the service:
sudo systemctl enable ovirt-guest-agent.service && sudo systemctl start ovirt-guest-agent.service

The web admin interface may take some time to start displaying the memory usage and other types of information. If you find that after some time this information has not been populated, restart the VM by performing a shut down or power off, power on, and verify that the service is started by running.


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