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How to Backup oVirt Engine

Assalamualaikum.. Backup is straightforward. See –help for details. Below is the steps on how to backup ovirt engine. Example: engine-backup –mode=backup –file=backup1 –log=backup1.log Full backup engine-backup –mode=backup –scope=all –file=”/var/lib/ovirt-engine/backups/fullbackup-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).tar.bz2″ –log=/var/log/ovirt-engine/fullbackup-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).log DB backup engine-backup –mode=backup –scope=files –scope=db –file=”/var/lib/ovirt-engine/backups/DBbackup-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).tar.bz2″ … Continue reading

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Engine-setup hangs on “Creating CA” During Installation

Assalamualaikum, Issue: ovirt-engine hang during installation. Stuck at Creating CA. Please confirm installation settings (OK, Cancel) [OK]: [ INFO ] Stage: Transaction setup [ INFO ] Stopping engine service [ INFO ] Stopping ovirt-fence-kdump-listener service [ INFO ] Stopping dwh … Continue reading

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